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Lombardi Tennis is a specialised tennis training program that is delivered by Tennis Australia High Performance coach Adrian Lombardi.  The services is specifically aimed towards athletes who are wanting to develop their game and looking to compete at the highest level.  Athletes who compete or looking to compete in Australian Junior Ranking tournaments (AJR), Australian Money Tournaments (AMT), Junior ITF, US College, Men's & Women's Pro Circuit and WTA & ATP tournaments this specialised program is for you.  Below are the services Adrian Lombardi provides


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The player management program is offered to all athletes who are taking part in multiple 1 on 1 trainings, Squad and Tournament Support services.  Phone Support, Athlete/Parent meetings and discussions, tournament scheduling, restringing and seeking external professionals such as dieticians, physical conditioning and other practitioners that will assist in the athlete to be at their best


1 Athlete


TRAINING  2 Athletes

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Tailored to athletes technical as well as developing the mental, emotional and physical skills which is required to be the very best the athlete can become.

Athletes have the opportunity to train in 3 time durations

  • 60min

  • 90min

  • 120min


3 to 6 Athletes

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The group environment is specifically designed to offer athletes time to develop specific patterns of play through drills that link the serve and return.  A huge focus in developing metal and emotional skills is developed through our Pre Competition and Competition phases which will have athletes thriving when it comes time to compete in tournaments.

Athletes will have the opportunity to train in a squad environment 2 to 4 times per week.

Squad Training runs for 120min.


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Tournament support program is an extension to the development of the athletes weekly schedule.  This is where the coach is able to educate, teach and coach the athlete during an event, as well as understand the athlete during a competitive environment.  The goal is to establish the importance of specific preparation the night before the match as well as match day.  We go through game plans and opponents style of play.

Charting athletes games on specific statistics and the importance of discussing the match in detail and putting in place a plan for the next match or upcoming events becomes a critical step in educating a player to eventually become confident within themselves and take ownership of their tennis, but most of all it establishes player responsibility and accountability.

Onsite and Offsite support is available

  • Home State Half Day Support

  • Home State Full Day Support

  • Interstate Full Day Support

  • Internationally Daily Support

  • Off Site Phone Support


Behind the scenes

Coach sourcing information on upcoming opponents and devising a game plan

If matches get recorded or are streamed, I will watch and analyse the match and in return provide feedback to athlete.


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Tennis sessions are provided in and around the south/east Melbourne area

Training surfaces used are clay, hard and synthetic grass courts

CONTACT ADRIAN on 0417 591 911 for further information 

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