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Adrian is a highly skilled trained tennis professional who has a great technical knowledge about all aspects of the game.  His confidence, passion and enthusiasm flow through to all he teaches.  He began coaching Emily individually this year and she is making great progress.   She thoroughly enjoys her lessons and has added valuable skills/technique to her game. They have a great relationship on the court, and she can contact him at any time for advice, game plans and strategies. He is very professional running and delivering squad programs, as well as tournament support and individual coaching.  Emily’s confidence and self- belief continue to grow whilst under Adrian’s guidance – thankyou.

Lisa Tinker - Mother of 17yo Emily Tinker

I love every minute I spend on court with Adrian. He is a very fun, passionate and enthusiastic coach and I always finish his sessions a better player than when I start. He is always approachable and loves to share his knowledge of the game. I love how Adrian individualises every player’s development and works on not just technical skills but also the importance of a positive mindset.

Emily Tinker 17yo - Player


Adrian has worked with my daughter for almost 10 years and has been instrumental in setting up strong tennis foundation. He is very experienced tennis coach who has unrivalled expertise to holistically develop an athlete.


 In addition to his detailed tennis knowledge and coaching experience, Adrian deeply cares about each and every player he coaches. It is fascinating to watch him work with an athlete day in day out - no matter if his player is happy or down in the pits, Adrian will always find the way to get through to the athlete and get them to perform as asked. There has not been a training session when my daughter walked out unhappy or unsure about herself or her tennis. She always gets a sense of achievement and moving forward, every single session.


Adrian knows his athletes well and knows when to push them and when to step back and provide support. For my daughter, tennis is not about patterns, being precise and accurate - it’s about her inner belief and confidence, and love of the game. It takes deeply invested tennis coach to understand this and mentor her accordingly. 


As a parent , I trust that Adrian will leave no stone unturned. He has a knack for creating confident, positive and performing tennis players. 

Irina Ross – Mother of 14yo Sasha Djurovic

I’ve known Adrian for 10 years, that’s long enough for me to know that Adrian is committed to a player if they are committed to the game. Working with Adrian has not only had an impact on my tennis but also me as a person, he is extremely patient and will try everything to make sure you understand.


From a very young age I was always taught to teach myself and I would always be asked ‘what can i do next time so I get the ball in the court’ and that has helped me so much in my everyday life and on court, it’s helped me be independent and helped me figure things out by myself with little guidance. I always look forward to coming to training because I know I’ll learn and I’ll be pushed but he always has a way to make it fun and enjoyable. Sometimes training is tough and doesn’t go my way, but Adrian won’t get frustrated, he will work around it and do all these other exercises to make sure that whatever isn’t working will be perfect by the end of the session; and you can’t get that from many people.


I am so grateful that I got to work with someone so skilled from a young age. I am so happy with the friendship that Adrian and I have built over these many years. Adrian is not only a good coach but he is a good person and good mentor, I have looked up for him for many years and I can tell you that lots of my positivity, resilience and optimistic outlook come from him.  he is good at helping me improve, but one of the most important things to me is the trust and relationship I have with my coaches.


Adrian is someone that I can talk to, I can ask for advice and if I’m nervous about an upcoming match he will reassure me and talk to me about it and I think that’s something everyone needs. I not only respect Adrian as a coach but as a person, yes he is strict and we get the work done but we have so many good laughs on the court and that's the main reason I enjoy tennis as much as I do.

Sasha Djurovic 14 yo Player

Grand Slam Oval.jpg

Adrian is the most experienced and dedicated tennis coach we have found in the Australian HP circuit in Victoria. His expertise at identifying the weak points in a player and training them how to overcome them has been invaluable to our son, who has only started training few weeks ago with Adrian He has shown a lot of improvement in a short period of time while training with Adrian. We continue to remain thankful to Adrian for his guidance to help our son achieve his goals in tennis


Shirin Malkani Mother of 16yo Nirvaan Malkani

Arthur Zen Winning Trophy.jpg

We came from New Zealand, and Arthur was top 20 in his age group there. However, he had had no clay court experience what-so-ever.  It was a big move and Arthur had to deal with an entirely new environment, school, climate and, of course, tennis setting—being the clay courts. 

We were introduced to Adrian due to his professional coaching abilities. Arthur was frustrated with clay courts at the very beginning, when footwork, timing and balance were vastly divergent in comparison to what he previously experienced.  Besides training in a squad where Adrian is one of the coaches, Arthur also has 1-on-1 sessions with him. As a result of Adrian’s positive character and mindset along with undeniably high-quality coaching, Arthur was able to rapidly improve his techniques and find a way to break through his barriers. Needless to say, Adrian has taken his tennis to another level.

Arthur has regained his passion and goals in tennis and rediscovered the enjoyment of it.  We would like to give Adrian an enormous thank you for what he has taught and the extent to which he has inspired Arthur.


Peter and Margaret Zen Parents of 16yo Arthur Zen

Korben Serving Trophy Posititon.jpg

Adrian has been coaching Korben for over 18 months and understands Korben's strengths and weaknesses. He took the time to get to know Korben and how he thinks and is both encouraging and supportive with progress but also specific about the work and effort he needs to improve. When he works with Korben he provides very specific technical feedback and training to improve technique as well as frames what these improvements will do for his match play and strategy.

Andrew Brough - Father of 14yr Korben Brough

Adrian has very good technical ability and knows what he is talking about.  He is very good at picking out the problems in my technique and gives me clear and easy fixes to them which work. He is very good at understanding me, knows how I think and is good at relating the training to things I like.

Korben Brough 14 yo Player

Finn Backhand.jpg

Adrian is a head coach at the academy that my son trains at.  He has also been my son’s personal coach for 4 years.  I can’t recommend Adrian highly enough as both an accomplished tennis coach and an excellent role model for his players.


Adrian has an innate ability to connect with players across different ages and stages of development.   His infectious enthusiasm is evident on court daily, where he encourages the players to grow their expectations of themselves and each other.

Adrian is highly driven and this has a very positive and uplifting influence on everyone around him.  His technical knowledge and ability to bring out the best in his players is a joy to watch. My son’s skills and game play have improved considerably since having Adrian as his coach.    During this time he has gone over and beyond to help my son develop his confidence, mental strength and resilience alongside growing his ability as a tennis player and athlete.


The players really respond to Adrian.   His warm, positive demeanour has an encouraging effect in group and individual sessions and his sense of humour makes him very approachable to the players and parents alike. He is fair and honest with a rare ability to understand each individual and use their personal attributes to better their learning. 


Adrian’s knowledge of tennis is extensive.  He pays great attention to every detail of the game and shares and communicates his knowledge in a way that is relatable, translating complex concepts into strategies that are easy for the players to understand.  His flawless ability to recognise his players’ strengths and identify areas for improvement gives them a model of constant growth and development to follow.


Importantly, Adrian always finds time to reach out when the players need him most. He is truly vested in their growth as tennis players and good sportsmen.  I could not recommend him highly enough.


Nedra Kriekenbeek - Mother of 17yr Finn Hammond


Our son, started training with Adrian 14 months ago. Until that time he was already training a couple of years elsewhere, in group sessions and privately.

Only after he started training with Adrian, we realised how much was he lacking, in technique and basic skills, to support his desire to become a professional player.


Working with our son, on technical and skill level improvements, we can see a massive change for the better in his game and form.

It took Adrian persistence and patience to correct and improve our son’s game, and to bring him to par, if not surpass, other 10 year old aspiring to become professional tennis players.

Adrian works with our son in a structured and well detailed fashion.

At the start of each session, he debriefs on previous matches and tournaments. Drawing the answers from our son, making him think, rather than feed with answers. Then, Adrian details and outlines the upcoming session, and sets achievable goals. Each session is finished with a short summary and points to take and practice at home.

He is motivating, positive and demands high results.

A great relationship has been developed between them, and we see the same with other students too.

Our son looks up to Adrian as an adult positive role model and we feel lucky we have the opportunity to train with Adrian.


We can honestly testify that Adrian is the best coach for our 10 year old we have come across so far and highly  recommend him with all of our heart.

Moshik Grushka - Father of 10yr Yarden Grushka

Aurelian Serve.jpg

Adrian is extremely thorough in his coaching, finding various ways to efficiently work on technical and tactical skills. I have seen my son Aurelien progress at a rapid pace under Adrian's guidance and I credit Adrian for keeping my son motivated with tennis when he was second-guessing himself. My son always looks forward to his coaching sessions with Adrian because he knows that he will learn a lot, have fun and have a work-out!

Cedric Cornelis - Father of 15yo Aurelien Cornelis

Adrian has been extremely dedicated to improving my technique while, at the same time, keeping the coaching sessions intense and fun. He is the only coach who noticed that I needed to change from a two-handed backhand to a one-handed, making it one of my stronger shots.

Aurelien Cornelis 15yo Player

Adrian Lombardi has been coaching my son Archie for 2 years.
His absolute commitment and care of both Archie’s mental and physical well being has been second to none. The development of Archie’s skill level, fitness and foresight into the game has progressed remarkably since Adrian has started working with him.
The way Adrian makes Archie feel about himself is an inspiration to me as a parent and I am so grateful to see such a relationship exist whereupon training is fun and exciting but also competitive and a learning curve. 
At this level of tennis it can be tough , but Adrian has transformed coaching to be challenging as well as rewarding always with a smile on his face !!
Adrian continually makes himself available to both of us, on and off the court and helps us better understand in the most nurturing and respectful way what needs to change and be done moving forward. 
An absolute super star coach and trusted mentor. 

Rani Stefanou - Mother of 14yo Archie Antonopoulos

I have been coached by Adrian 3 times a week for almost 2 years, and my development and understanding of tennis has grown significantly. As soon as I had started with Adrian, I had almost instantaneous results, and my confidence had grown tremendously. Although I am constantly pushed to achieve my best in his lessons, Adrian can always make them extremely fun and enjoyable. Adrian has a fine attention to detail, which allows me to focus on what I need to improve on, and how to do it. Throughout my time playing tennis, I have learnt many different techniques and strategies, but what I have learnt thus far with Adrian is by far the best for my game. My weaknesses are quickly corrected, and I have changed from being just a forehand dominant power-player to being able to play any sort of variety of spin, with any shot. I couldn’t be happier with the way I am progressing and I am extremely thankful for being able to have such a good coach.


Archie Antonopoulos 14yo Player

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